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Decorating Secrets Online Course

Decorating Secrets is an online video course consisting of nine lesson modules that are designed to walk you through everything I consider when decorating (or re-decorating!) a room. From space planning to finishing touches, I break down my process step-by-step and reveal all my secrets along the way!

Layla Palmer


Space Planning

We start by learning about traffic patterns, balance lines, and focal points.

Fabrics & Rugs

In Module 2, we start to add in the layers as we dive into fabrics and rugs.

Choosing Paint

In this module, we talk about how to choose the perfect paint colors.

Wall Treatments

In module 4, we look at how wall treatments tie in with our palette.

Architectural Salvage

I discuss my thoughts on adding character using architectural salvage.

Custom Carpentry

We talk about how to make the most of every inch of your space.

Where & How To Shop

Some of my go-to places and secrets to shopping them.

How To Accessorize

Last but not least, we’ll talk about how to bring any space to life!ß

Decorating Secrets

I’m so excited to share all of my decorating secrets in this 9-module video course. Together, we’ll walk through the entire process from beginning to end, and I’ll share everything I’ve learned about decorating and room design!


Love this, Layla! I am learning so much and you are a great teacher! Now I know what has been bugging me about my family room!

Lisa Shovlin

Decorating Secrets, Member

This makes so much sense! This gives me the blueprint for WHY it works so that I can apply it in any room. Love it!

Lisa J

Decorating Secrets, Member

The planning tools in the Decorating Secrets course have been the most helpful thing ever. It’s going to save me some trips back to the store and return transactions! 

Amy Elliker

Decorating Secrets, Member

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